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All your cushions neat and rolled in accordance with labour conditions regulations!


The Inflatable Roller is a new patented system to roll up air cushions. Two persons can roll up any cushion with an acceptable effort into a neatly folded package. The Inflatable Roller enables you to ensure that the air cushion is dismantled in a way that is in no way labour intensive. Model IR H400 is designed for cushions up to 300 kilos and model IR H500 is designed for large and heavy cushions up to 800 kilos. Both models are user friendly and do not have any loose parts. The Inflatable Roller is easy to carry and can be used on any surface.


  • Acceptable labour intensity
  • Staff / you always roll in pairs
  • Volume reduction / smaller package for storage and transport
  • Same dimensions / always the same length of the roll (pallet)
  • Saves time / you can roll up several cushions in succession without having to take a break
  • You stay clean / even when it rains, the users remain clean and dry

Type IR H400

Suitable for cushions up to a total weight of +/-300 kg
This IR roller is easy to use, and easy to take with you on location due to its limited weight
Dimensions of inner pipe 40x40 length pipe 2 meters
Dimensions of rotation pipe 1.5 meters including protective plugs
Total weight: 29kg

Type IR H500

Suitable for large cushions up to a total weight of +/800kg
This IR Roller has been designed for heavy use and large cushions
Dimensions of inner pipe 50x50 length pipe 2.6 meters
Dimensions of reinforced pipe 1.5 meters including protective plugs
Total weight: 58kg

Inflatable Roller

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