All your cushions neat and rolled in accordance with labour conditions regulations!


I was insprired by Wil Ververs (importer Supa Bounce Benelux) who applied a large strap under a cushion, then attached this to a car and carefully drove backwards, creating a turning movement. That was a clever idea, but I feel this could be improved. In 2004, I came into contact with SENTER, who subsequently introduced me to Knowledge Transfer Small and Medium-sized enterprises (Kennis Overdracht Ondernemers MKB). A global research project was conducted into the existence of a spring cushion roller, unique in the world. On the 4th of February 2005, SENTER NOVEM The Hague issued us a subsidy with project number SKH030313 for the development of the first spring cushion roller. In collaboration with the Technical Engineers Bureau Foolen in Veghel, all possible solutions were reviewed. These solutions resulted in various models, some of which have been further developed.

The first model was a hand model and is the prototype of the current IRH400. Immediately following this model, we developed a roller with a ratchet, which enables one person to roll up a small cushion effortlessly. This model is not in production. Recent years has seen larger and heavier cushions being sold. As a result of this development, we again reviewed the study models of 2005 and have decided to market the simplest and least expensive roller model. The IR H400 roller is already fully developed and available in a heavier model. This model is the IR H500, which can handle cushions of up to 800 kilos. In the future, we expect further development of the IR H series to include a ratchet system. Keep an eye on this website and reap the benefits of the easy-to-use Inflatable Roller.

Jeffrey Heesbeen
Heesbeen Groep
incorporated in 1981

*Drawings Study models 2005

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Inflatable Roller

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